Serendipity Project

This blog is something of an outgrowth of the recent Write Here at Nottingham Contemporary residency, where the Scrapbook and Lost City sections became intrinsic parts of the process, documenting images, objects and other things that were feeding into the project in a variety of ways: some oblique, others more obviously. Much of the work created during that time (and some still in progress) had a relationship to found materials, as with Black Glass, a sequence of poems made in response to a box of glass plate negatives found at a car boot sale, or Communiques from the Years of Revolt, whose texts were only slightly adapted from the actual words on the reverse sides of postcards removed from an album, whose cover and contents were pictured alongside the brief sections of prose.

In one sense, then, The Serendipity Project is a kind of continuous open notebook, where a variety of materials will be documented on a daily basis, sometimes as they’re found, but more often as they’re drawn from the archive piled around me as I work, and begin to find their place in whatever I’m thinking about at the time. Sometimes, the image might be a book cover, at others a record sleeve, a slide or photograph, an image from a magazine or encyclopaedia, something new or old: pretty much anything goes. There might be descriptions or notes; soundfiles or additional links might be added. Think of it as a sort of Cabinet of Curiosities in process, a heap of random things united only by the fact of being here. And if one day’s entry proves interesting, there’s no guarantee the next day’s will appeal, only that there will always be something new appearing.


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