Mar 25 2012: Forty-Three Monochrome Illustrations From Girl Annual Number Six (1958)

If yesterday’s images by Edward Mortelmans from the 1958 edition of Girl Annual seemed to draw inspiration from the paintings of Laura Knight, the forty-three sampled monochrome illustrations seen here have no such unifying element beyond being largely executed in line and wash, and seeming largely unchanged in format from the kind of images that … Continue reading

Jan 31 2012: Forty Further Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Following yesterday’s first forty advertising pages from a handful of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine, featuring a mix of obscure defence contractors and household names in domestic electronics, a similar pattern is seen here, as we encounter Ericsson, General Electric and AEG-Telefunken in somewhat darker than usual manifestations, with Electrolux expecially unsettling in this context, having transformed … Continue reading

Jan 30 2012: Forty Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Yesterday’s gallery of photographs from a small range of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine highlighted the industrial premises, various personnel (mainly marketing, finance and management) within the companies featured, and much imagery showing the research and development processes undertaken by businesses like Plessey, Signaal and Racal, among others. In these first forty advertisements from the … Continue reading

Jan 28 2012: Before Urbanisation: Forty-Two Photographs from The World Reader (c.1910)

A set of forty-two postcard-sized hand-coloured photographs from The World Reader, a book aimed at schoolchildren to educate them in the nature of agriculture, business and industry both within the British Empire and in places outside it. Although very badly damaged and missing many pages, the book itself is built as a kind of geographical … Continue reading

Jan 18 2012: Seventeen Natural History Photographs from an Unknown Source (c.1950s)

The book that these plates were removed from had no cover or endpapers, and no title or author’s name on any of the surviving pages, so I’ve been unable to precisely identify it, except that on the internal evidence it seemed to be a 1950s era popular reference on the subject of natural history. The … Continue reading

Nov 13 2011: Eight Images In Anticipation Of Klaus Weber From The Wonder Book Of Wonders (1930s)

Sorting through some papers in the Robert Holcombe archive revealed an odd correspondence between the random colour plates in a 1930s pictorial encyclopaedia called The Wonder Book Of Wonders and certain themes in Klaus Weber’s equally Cabinet of Curiosities-like exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, which features paintings made by bees, numerous versions of an iconic image … Continue reading

An Interview with Adel Abdessemed: Happiness in Mitte (Metro, 2005)

Multiple and shifting meanings are the essence of Adel Abdessemed’s work, which ranges across mediums and styles in a way that echoes the migrations of the artist himself after leaving his native Algeria in 1994. Since that time, he has lived and worked in Lyon, Paris, New York and Berlin, crossing national borders almost as … Continue reading

Sep 21 2011: The Blacks by Jean Genet (Translated by Bernard Frechtman, Grove Press, 1960)

In case anyone were thinking about coming along to the Reading Genet session this evening (I think places are still available to book) but hasn’t had the opportunity to read the full play and feels put off, don’t be: previous discussions have ranged pretty widely, using the source texts – previously the essays Alberto Giacometti’s Studio … Continue reading

Sep 18 2011: Gawu: A Very Short Interview with El Anatsui (Metro, 2005)

El Anatsui‘s Gawu was shown between 16 April and 5 June 2005, at the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham, as part of Africa ’05. I spoke to him ahead of the opening. Gawu is a word combining many allusions, Ga meaning metal, Wu a cloak. It’s a literal description of the elaborate works made by Ghanaian sculptor El … Continue reading

July 2 2011: Conflict Zones and Holiday Destinations (Around The World Series, 1965 – 1968)

The covers of the American Geographical Society’s Around the World Program booklets, published by Doubleday & Odhams in the US between 1965 and 1968, form a uniform edition of introductions to the history, natural topography and (then) current condition of every nation state on the planet, from large states like Brazil, China and Mexico to … Continue reading