Apr 2 2012: Seventeen Varieties Of Tents Named After British Birds (from Bukta Campedia Catalogue, 1960)

A 1960 edition of the Bukta Campedia – a sort of general catalogue of camping equipment – manages a certain poetry in its adoption of the common names of British birds for its various models of tent, here presented in a hand drawn format, their variations on the temporary architectural theme united by being coloured … Continue reading

Mar 26 2012: Fifty-One Monochrome Illustrations From Girl Annual Number Nine (1961)

As can be seen below, the differences between the illustrations featured in Girl Annual in 1958 and those of three years later, in 1961, are fairly minimal, considering the social changes that were happening during the same period. True, the girl above is now on holiday in Amalfi rather than Cornwall, but the same escapades … Continue reading

Mar 25 2012: Forty-Three Monochrome Illustrations From Girl Annual Number Six (1958)

If yesterday’s images by Edward Mortelmans from the 1958 edition of Girl Annual seemed to draw inspiration from the paintings of Laura Knight, the forty-three sampled monochrome illustrations seen here have no such unifying element beyond being largely executed in line and wash, and seeming largely unchanged in format from the kind of images that … Continue reading

Mar 16 2012: Twenty-Three Colour Photographs Of India And Saudi Arabia From National Geographic Magazine (1948)

Perhaps this gallery is the most intriguing of the five currently being culled from a series of 1948 issues of National Geographic magazine, partly because one of its subjects, the early years of oil production in Saudi Arabia, prefigures much that happened later in the post-war period. As the poisonous gases in the image above … Continue reading

Feb 27 2012: Cover Designs From Three Issues Of The Vauxhall Motorist Magazine (1956 – 1957)

The integration of product branding and lifestyle is sometimes thought of a fairly recent phenomenon, but it goes much further back than we tend to think: this example – a magazine produced for Vauxhall owners, crammed with advertising and features on the many and varied things that might catch the fancy of an implicitly┬ádiscerning motorist … Continue reading

Feb 24 2012: Twenty Five Views of a Largely Deserted Fairground (Newark, Nottinghamshire, 2008)

When I was growing up, first in South East Derbyshire, then later in mid-Wales, the annual coming of the fairground was an event of huge significance. From the first sight of the lorries and trailers moving through the small towns, to the night you finally went to experience the rides, blink dizzily at the spectacle, … Continue reading

Feb 8 2012: A Gallery of Thirty-Six Architectural Photographs Covering a Range of Styles (2006 – 2011)

There’s no real thread connecting these thirty-six colour photographs other than the fact that they all come from folders on my computer, where they’ve been sitting since they were taken, and the fact that each depicts a building or quasi architectural structure of some kind that has caught my eye and seemed worth documenting for … Continue reading

Feb 6 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-Four Colour Landscape Format Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

In the final selection from an unidentified young couple’s 1970 scrapbook (also seen here and here)┬áthere are a gathering of landscape format colour photographs on many of the same subjects as previous galleries: caravan and boating holidays, time relaxing outdoors with dogs and friends, visits to a variety of (mostly) unidentified attractions, and so on. … Continue reading

Feb 5 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-Two Colour Portrait Format Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

Following yesterday’s selection of monochrome images from the snapshot album of a young couple in 1970, here is the first of two similar selections of colour photography from the same scrapbook, with the portrait format images gathered here in all their slightly faded and heightened sunlit glow. Whether looking out from the doorway of a … Continue reading

Feb 4 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-One Monochrome Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

This selection of monochrome snapshots showing a young couple at leisure around 1970 is fascinating for many reasons, some social and economic, some more personally and humanly appealing. In the latter category, the mere fact that they and their friends seem┬áto project a sense of happiness in one another’s company is striking, and while it’s … Continue reading