Apr 10 2012: Black Glass: Fifteen Glass Plate Negative Portraits of Unknown People (Mainly 1940s)

Although not really recent finds, having been already used in early 2011 as the inspiration for a short sequence of poems on the loose subjects of cinema, memory and inverted perception, that earlier version didn’t include all the plates or subjects in the boxes as found. The figure above, with his Joycean round spectacles, pipe and … Continue reading

Mar 20 2012: Fourteen Monochrome Photographs Showing Men In A Variety Of Roles and Locations (1900s – 1970s)

Talking to someone who’s been following these posts recently led to a point being made that I’d only half-noted myself: that there were far more images of women gathered here than of men. In commercial and advertising photography, the reasons for that imbalance are well-rehearsed, insofar as commercial messages aimed at women tend to present … Continue reading

Mar 14 2012: Twenty-Eight Colour Images Of England From National Geographic Magazine (1948)

As seen in the pages of America’s National Geographic Magazine three years on from the end of the Second World War, Britain was not the bankrupt victor in a struggle against Fascism, nor a place in a state of decisive transformation as it began the long process of establishing its Welfare State, relinquishing its Empire and Nationalising its key industries. Instead, … Continue reading

Mar 9 2012: Possible Portrait of Francoise Sagan from Studio A Sandrei (Sainte-Maxime, Undated)

Another portrait of a woman, singled out here by the possibility that she might be none other than the author of Bonjour Tristesse, Francoise Sagan, seen in some cafe or bar of the 1950s or 60s. The girl at the centre of the image certainly closely resembles Sagan, and the photograph itself had been kept … Continue reading

Mar 4 2012: Group Portrait by J.F.M Photographic, King Street, Nottingham (1970s)

When I was younger, the idea that the past happened in monochrome – whether the greys of black and white film and photography, the sepia of Victorian street scenes and portraits, or the blues, greens and reddish tints that dominated silent film footage – was hard to shake. Somehow, the Second World War looked wrong … Continue reading

Mar 3 2012: A Gallery of Twenty-Nine Postcard Collages and Portraits (i.m. Wislawa Szymborska, 1923 – 2012)

When I heard news of the death of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska on the 1st February 2012 it can’t have been too much of a surprise, given her advanced years and the presence of a cigarette in pretty much every photograph I’d ever seen of her. But, in an irony she’d perhaps have appreciated, a … Continue reading

Jan 24 2012: Fifteen Monochrome Snapshots from the Nottingham Jazz and Beat Scene (c.1960s)

All I know for sure about this series of images is that the photographs were framed when found (at the Sneinton Cattle market a week or so ago: one or two show fading where the mounts overlapped the images themselves) and all seem to have been part of a wider gathering of pictures relating to … Continue reading

Jan 9 2012: Thirty Two Further Advertising Images from The Festival of Britain (South Bank Exhibition Programme, 1951)

Following yesterday’s first instalment, here’s a second (and final) gathering of colour advertising placed by British companies of the day into the front and back sections of the official souvenir programme and guide to the 1951 Festival of Britain. As with the first selection, the aproaches range from the graphically adventurous and progressive to the whimsical and conservative, and taken … Continue reading

Jan 8 2012: Thirty-Two Advertising Images from The Festival of Britain Souvenir Programme (1951)

Following the initial selection of drawings, models and photographic images and the 25 maps of the 1951 South Bank Exhibition culled from the official souvenir programme and guide, today brings the first part (of two) that reproduce the colour advertising by British companies of the time that dominate the front and back sections. Sometimes graphically … Continue reading

Dec 6 2011: Pontin’s Advertising (from Holiday Souvenir Programme of Broadreeds, Selsey-on-Sea, 1967)

Following yesterday’s gallery of calendar headings and photographs showing a few of the delights of a Pontin’s holiday in 1967, as included in a souvenir brochure published for residents at the company’s Selsey-on-Sea camp, here we have what is, I suspect, the real reason for the brochure’s publication – a host of advertising by companies … Continue reading