Apr 15 2012: Eighteen Monochrome Illustrations From Atomics Magazine (Leonard Hill Technical Publications, 1956)

Back in 1956, the progressive vision of the Festival of Britain had faded somewhat, with most of the South Bank site demolished by the Conservative governments that followed the set up of the 1945 consensus, and in place of that more whimsical and social kind of progressive ideal, a harder, more technocratic and businesslike version … Continue reading

Mar 9 2012: Possible Portrait of Francoise Sagan from Studio A Sandrei (Sainte-Maxime, Undated)

Another portrait of a woman, singled out here by the possibility that she might be none other than the author of Bonjour Tristesse, Francoise Sagan, seen in some cafe or bar of the 1950s or 60s. The girl at the centre of the image certainly closely resembles Sagan, and the photograph itself had been kept … Continue reading

Magic Show at QUAD Gallery (NVA, 2009)

The conjuror and the conceptual artist, the con-trick and the act of construction: each shares something deeper than its ‘con’ prefix, a connection that goes beyond linguistic roots to evoke focus and misdirection, suggestion and the act of ‘making visible’, the arts of provocation and end-of-pier entertainment. It’s a range made explicit in Jonathan Allen’s … Continue reading

Ghost Money, Gothic Trappings and Crusades: Huang Yong Ping & Wael Shawky (NVA, 2011)

Ghost Money, Gothic Trappings and Crusades (from Nottingham Visual Arts, issue 4, Summer 2011) There’s a point in the latest exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary where the concerns of its two otherwise very different artists – the French-Chinese sculptor Huang Yong Ping and Alexandria-based multi-media artist Wael Shawky – seem to merge almost seamlessly. As we … Continue reading