Mar 30 2012: Ghosts At Leisure: Thirteen Negative Prints Showing Everyday Scenes (c.1960s)

These images are printed negatives on small photographic cards, and they show various members of my own family, before I was born, in a terraced back yard with the two retired pit ponies my mother had as a young woman, and my father, mother, aunt, grandfather and grandmother on holiday in some unknown location, probably … Continue reading

Feb 8 2012: A Gallery of Thirty-Six Architectural Photographs Covering a Range of Styles (2006 – 2011)

There’s no real thread connecting these thirty-six colour photographs other than the fact that they all come from folders on my computer, where they’ve been sitting since they were taken, and the fact that each depicts a building or quasi architectural structure of some kind that has caught my eye and seemed worth documenting for … Continue reading

Jan 31 2012: Forty Further Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Following yesterday’s first forty advertising pages from a handful of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine, featuring a mix of obscure defence contractors and household names in domestic electronics, a similar pattern is seen here, as we encounter Ericsson, General Electric and AEG-Telefunken in somewhat darker than usual manifestations, with Electrolux expecially unsettling in this context, having transformed … Continue reading

Jan 30 2012: Forty Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Yesterday’s gallery of photographs from a small range of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine highlighted the industrial premises, various personnel (mainly marketing, finance and management) within the companies featured, and much imagery showing the research and development processes undertaken by businesses like Plessey, Signaal and Racal, among others. In these first forty advertisements from the … Continue reading

Jan 22 2012: Five Monochrome Snapshots from a Butlin’s Holiday Camp (1960s)

A previous post looked at the delights to be experienced at one of Fred Pontin’s holiday camps, as seen through the brochure the company published to keep guests informed about events and schedules – and the products on offer from a variety of advertisers, naturally – during the week they’d be spending at the Broadreeds camp in Selsey-on-Sea, sometime during 1967, while … Continue reading

Jan 12 2012: Nine Photographs Showing Clouds, Light and Landscapes Taken Through The Windows of a Moving Train (c.2006)

Writing on trains has been an activity that has led to various pieces of finished work, including one in the Emblems chapbook of 2009, published by Shoestring Press, and this as yet unplaced meditation on the experience of listening to the Ghost Box release As The Crow Flies by The Advisory Circle en route from … Continue reading

Dec 14 2011: Twelve Images From The Ancient Customs Of Derbyshire by Crichton Porteous (Derbyshire Countryside, 1976)

Following yesterday’s sequence of images showing well-dressings in Derbyshire, here are a further dozen photographs presenting some far more curious goings on in the same geographic area. Taken fom Crichton Porteous’ 1976 booklet, The Ancient Customs of Derbyshire, the pictures offer Morris dancers, mummers’ plays, the authorised street battles of the Ashbourne shrovetide football game, … Continue reading

Dec 13 2011: Forty Images from Well Dressing in Derbyshire by Roy Christian (Derbyshire Countryside, 1991)

A selection of illustrations from a 1991 booklet looking at the tradition of well-dressing in the Derbyshire peaks through spring and early summer, these 40 or so photographs show well dressings featuring mainly Biblical illustrations, but whose subjects can also extend from nursery rhymes, popular culture, civic and topical subjects, to tributes in memory of school founders, … Continue reading

Dec 1 2011: Pagan Pageantry In Our Islands: May Queens to Telling the Bees (from The Childrens’ Encyclopaedia, 1930s)

“One need not go abroad for quaint customs and picturesque survivals, since these are to be found in abundance in our own islands. Scarcely a village in Britain but has its bit of pageantry, scarcely a day but is marked by some special observance. England on the highways may be commercialised and industrialised, but in … Continue reading

Nov 15 2011: Lost City Supplement: Advertising Images from Frank Wedekind’s ‘Lulu’ Theatre Programme (Nottingham Playhouse, 1970)

As a kind of supplement to Lost City, compiled as a sideline to a residency at Nottingham Contemporary earlier this year during the Anne Collier and Jack Goldstein exhibitions, here’s a further gathering of adverts placed by mostly vanished Nottingham businesses, this time all sourced from a 1970 Nottingham Playhouse theatre programme connected to a … Continue reading