Mar 30 2012: Ghosts At Leisure: Thirteen Negative Prints Showing Everyday Scenes (c.1960s)

These images are printed negatives on small photographic cards, and they show various members of my own family, before I was born, in a terraced back yard with the two retired pit ponies my mother had as a young woman, and my father, mother, aunt, grandfather and grandmother on holiday in some unknown location, probably … Continue reading

Mar 26 2012: Fifty-One Monochrome Illustrations From Girl Annual Number Nine (1961)

As can be seen below, the differences between the illustrations featured in Girl Annual in 1958 and those of three years later, in 1961, are fairly minimal, considering the social changes that were happening during the same period. True, the girl above is now on holiday in Amalfi rather than Cornwall, but the same escapades … Continue reading

Mar 17 2012: Twenty-Six Colour Photographs Showing Scenes In Belgium And Portugal (National Geographic, 1948)

The penultimate gallery of images from a handful of 1948 issues of National Geographic magazine take us from England, the subject of the first, to its near neighbours Belgium and Portugal, whose landscapes, people and cultures are framed in strikingly similar ways: where England had a dog delivering newspapers, Belgium has then pulling carts of … Continue reading

Feb 25 2012: Tinted Portrait of an Eccentric Family with a Small Dog (Date and location unknown, c.1960s)

I’m not sure what the context for this strange photograph actually is, except that it appears to show two or possibly three generations of a family and their dog at some point during the 1960s or 1970s. The appearance of the group seems modelled on a publicity shot for a sitcom, emphasising their quirks and eccentricities, … Continue reading

Feb 8 2012: A Gallery of Thirty-Six Architectural Photographs Covering a Range of Styles (2006 – 2011)

There’s no real thread connecting these thirty-six colour photographs other than the fact that they all come from folders on my computer, where they’ve been sitting since they were taken, and the fact that each depicts a building or quasi architectural structure of some kind that has caught my eye and seemed worth documenting for … Continue reading

Feb 6 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-Four Colour Landscape Format Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

In the final selection from an unidentified young couple’s 1970 scrapbook (also seen here and here) there are a gathering of landscape format colour photographs on many of the same subjects as previous galleries: caravan and boating holidays, time relaxing outdoors with dogs and friends, visits to a variety of (mostly) unidentified attractions, and so on. … Continue reading

Feb 5 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-Two Colour Portrait Format Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

Following yesterday’s selection of monochrome images from the snapshot album of a young couple in 1970, here is the first of two similar selections of colour photography from the same scrapbook, with the portrait format images gathered here in all their slightly faded and heightened sunlit glow. Whether looking out from the doorway of a … Continue reading

Feb 4 2012: The Leisure Society: Twenty-One Monochrome Images of a Young Couple’s Time Off (1970)

This selection of monochrome snapshots showing a young couple at leisure around 1970 is fascinating for many reasons, some social and economic, some more personally and humanly appealing. In the latter category, the mere fact that they and their friends seem to project a sense of happiness in one another’s company is striking, and while it’s … Continue reading