Apr 11 2012: Black Glass: Ten Glass Plate Negative Images of Architecture and Reversed Light (c.1930s)

Following on from yesterday’s gallery of domestic portraits, used as the raw material that eventually became the Black Glass sequence of poems, today’s gallery offers the unpopulated, architectural and urban landscapes of the later 1930s from the same collection of boxed glass-plate negative slides. Here, each image but one is developed twice – as both … Continue reading

Apr 10 2012: Black Glass: Fifteen Glass Plate Negative Portraits of Unknown People (Mainly 1940s)

Although not really recent finds, having been already used in early 2011 as the inspiration for a short sequence of poems on the loose subjects of cinema, memory and inverted perception, that earlier version didn’t include all the plates or subjects in the boxes as found. The figure above, with his Joycean round spectacles, pipe and … Continue reading

Mar 28 2012: Sepia-Toned Monochrome Photograph Showing A Swarm Of Bees (Date Unknown)

This undated image of bees swarming has hung around my desk for several years now, pretty much since I found it inside the pages of an old encyclopaedia sometime around 2006. What it shows is both commonplace, insofar as bees form swarms regularly: the sight of one isn’t an everyday occurance, but nor is it … Continue reading

Mar 10 2012: A View Of The Thames Looking Towards Tower Bridge Showing Bomb Sites (c.1940s)

There’s something hugely compelling about this undated photograph, which at first glance shows a very familiar view along the River Thames, looking towards Tower Bridge, but on slightly closer inspection reveals some very unfamiliar bomb-sites and gutted buildings in the foreground. The photographer is not identified, but it’s presumably an amateur snap taken from a … Continue reading

Mar 3 2012: A Gallery of Twenty-Nine Postcard Collages and Portraits (i.m. Wislawa Szymborska, 1923 – 2012)

When I heard news of the death of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska on the 1st February 2012 it can’t have been too much of a surprise, given her advanced years and the presence of a cigarette in pretty much every photograph I’d ever seen of her. But, in an irony she’d perhaps have appreciated, a … Continue reading

Feb 18 2012: Two Webley Paper Targets for Competitive Pellet Gun Shooting (Date Unknown)

The target has become something of a design icon during the twentieth century though its origins – which seem largely mysterious – probably pre-date Modernism by several centuries, given that the form it takes (a series of roundels or circles of descending size) is likely to have evolved naturally from its purpose: that being to offer … Continue reading

Feb 12 2012: The Apple Sequence and a Goat That Blows Raspberries: Stonebridge City Farm (2012)

Earlier today we went over to Stonebridge City Farm in the inner city St Ann’s area of Nottingham, mainly to drop off a box of copies of The Apple Sequence to be sold at the farm’s on-site shop in order to raise some money for the continued running of what is (by any measure) an … Continue reading

Jan 26 2012: Guillaume Apollinaire, Poet of Mystification (from M.D. Magazine, March 1967)

Not much to add to this anonymously authored article on the life and work of the French modernist poet (arguably the primary initiator of Modernist poetics in France) Guillaume Apollinaire, whose Calligrammes, Alcools, Zone and other works proved key to the twentieth century’s future development and remain essential reading to anyone interested in the possibilities of poetry itself, … Continue reading

Jan 12 2012: Nine Photographs Showing Clouds, Light and Landscapes Taken Through The Windows of a Moving Train (c.2006)

Writing on trains has been an activity that has led to various pieces of finished work, including one in the Emblems chapbook of 2009, published by Shoestring Press, and this as yet unplaced meditation on the experience of listening to the Ghost Box release As The Crow Flies by The Advisory Circle en route from … Continue reading

Nov 2 2011: A Considered and Not at All Unreasonable Musing on the Nature of Present Austerity Measures (November 2011)

I figured I might as well post this up here. It’s not the most highbrow thing I’ve ever written, but when the first (and, as things turned out, also last) stanzas popped into my head the other night, complete and from nowhere, exactly as they appear here, I think I got a bit carried away with … Continue reading