Apr 7 2012: Nine Hand-Coloured Illustrations From The Astronaut Book (Panther Books, 1969)

Over the next three days we’ll look at the monochrome and colour images featured in the pages of The Astronauts’ Book, an annual-style publication issued by Panther in the UK in 1969, the year of the Lunar landings. Comprising articles written (or, at least, ghostwritten) in the voices of actual astronauts (and the odd Soviet … Continue reading

Feb 21 2012: The Cimex Invasion: Top Secret (Cimex Industrial Marketing 45, 1960s)

I don’t know if the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (or, at least, one of its associates) was involved in the making of the various electronic sounds that feature on this undated (probably mid to late 1960s) promotional 45 for an industrial cleaning company, but the sounds it uses certainly fit the template established by the likes … Continue reading

Jan 23 2012: A Gallery of Forty-Seven Images from an ABC of Space (ITV Publications, 1969)

Published in advance of the Moon Landings in 1969, this annual-style book (a tie-in with the ITV childrens’ programme Magpie written by ITN’s science editor Peter Fairley with a brief introduction from one of the show’s presenters, Pete Brady) covers the ongoing story of the space programme using the device of an A to Z to cover … Continue reading

Jan 9 2012: Thirty Two Further Advertising Images from The Festival of Britain (South Bank Exhibition Programme, 1951)

Following yesterday’s first instalment, here’s a second (and final) gathering of colour advertising placed by British companies of the day into the front and back sections of the official souvenir programme and guide to the 1951 Festival of Britain. As with the first selection, the aproaches range from the graphically adventurous and progressive to the whimsical and conservative, and taken … Continue reading

Jan 3 2012: Eighteen Plates and a Cryptogram from The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball (Cassell, 1893)

The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball (Cassell, 1893) is a summary of the field of astronomical knowledge at the time of its first publication and much it contains on subjects like gravity, the extent of the solar system and the life cycles of stars has been superseded and changed by later research, some of … Continue reading

An Interview with The Soundcarriers (Full Transcript, 2010)

I spoke to Paul Isherwood and Adam Cann outside the Cafe Bar at Nottingham Contemporary in September 2010, just after the second Soundcarriers LP, Celeste, had been released. An edited version of the conversation appeared in LeftLion in December that year. Since then, they’ve released two further full-length albums – The Other World Of The … Continue reading