Apr 8 2012: Nineteen Colour Photographs and Illustrations from The Astronaut Book (Panther Books, 1969)

Following yesterday’s gallery of hand-coloured photographs from Panther’s 1969 publication The Astronauts’ Book, here are a selection of nineteen of the book’s colour photographs, ranging from shots taken on a space walk to images of astronauts being fitted in space suits (one curious fact I discovered awhile back is that the suits eventually used were … Continue reading

Apr 7 2012: Nine Hand-Coloured Illustrations From The Astronaut Book (Panther Books, 1969)

Over the next three days we’ll look at the monochrome and colour images featured in the pages of The Astronauts’ Book, an annual-style publication issued by Panther in the UK in 1969, the year of the Lunar landings. Comprising articles written (or, at least, ghostwritten) in the voices of actual astronauts (and the odd Soviet … Continue reading

Mar 1 2012: Thirty-Four Illustrations From The Space Shuttle At Work by Howard Allaway (NASA, 1979)

I’ve been told, but never been able to confirm, that the design of airports is utterly monotonous and boring, and much the same everywhere in the world you might go, for a very particular reason: the knowledge among those commissioning these complexes that the very last thing someone about to board an aircraft really needs is excitement … Continue reading

Feb 23 2012: Thirteen Abstract and Illustrated Dustjackets from Scientific Book Club Editions (1958 – 1962)

A large collection of these Scientific Book Club editions, dating from the later 1950s and early 1960s, appeared one Sunday morning at the Colwick car boot sale in Nottingham, and covered many more subjects than are represented here. The truth is, while the books were plentiful, some selection was necessary in order to carry those chosen … Continue reading

Jan 26 2012: Guillaume Apollinaire, Poet of Mystification (from M.D. Magazine, March 1967)

Not much to add to this anonymously authored article on the life and work of the French modernist poet (arguably the primary initiator of Modernist poetics in France) Guillaume Apollinaire, whose Calligrammes, Alcools, Zone and other works proved key to the twentieth century’s future development and remain essential reading to anyone interested in the possibilities of poetry itself, … Continue reading

Jan 23 2012: A Gallery of Forty-Seven Images from an ABC of Space (ITV Publications, 1969)

Published in advance of the Moon Landings in 1969, this annual-style book (a tie-in with the ITV childrens’ programme Magpie written by ITN’s science editor Peter Fairley with a brief introduction from one of the show’s presenters, Pete Brady) covers the ongoing story of the space programme using the device of an A to Z to cover … Continue reading

Jan 3 2012: Eighteen Plates and a Cryptogram from The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball (Cassell, 1893)

The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball (Cassell, 1893) is a summary of the field of astronomical knowledge at the time of its first publication and much it contains on subjects like gravity, the extent of the solar system and the life cycles of stars has been superseded and changed by later research, some of … Continue reading

Dec 27 2011: Pat Leonard as Robin Hood in Pantomime (Location Unknown, probably 1950s)

I’ve no idea who Pat Leonard was (though I think we can safely assume she’s the lady in the feathered cap and tights in the picture) nor are there any clues as to when the photograph was taken, though the make up and hairstyle suggest sometime in the later 1940s or early 1950s. My assumption … Continue reading

Dec 21 2011: Angel With Candelabras Greeting Card Design (Albany Wiseman, c.1960s)

Strong later 1950s/early 1960s design here, with the black and white given additional texture by embedding much of the drawing in the single background colour. Not much information on the card itself about the illustrator or exact date, but the publication details on the reverse read Designed by Albany Wiseman, Raven 953, Made in England: it seems … Continue reading

Dec 18 2011: A Selection Of Drawings from a Schoolgirl’s Portfolio (Louise Winks, 1970s)

Following yesterday’s series of landscapes from the portfolio of a 1970s schoolgirl, here we have the many drawings from the same folder, mainly (though not exclusively) of film stars like Brigitte Bardot, royals like Princesses Stephanie and Margaret, and such male heart-throbs as Robert Horton, Elvis Presley and Warren Beatty. The dating of these is … Continue reading