Apr 26 2012: Thirty-One Monochrome Photographs from The Boys’ Book of Radio, Television and Radar (Burke Publishing, 1957)

The Boys’ Book of Radio, Television and Radar was published in 1957 as an accessible schools-level guide to the latest technology in the field mapped by the book’s title, covering everything from missile guidance systems to astronomical installations, the BBC’s outside broadcast equipment to medical imaging techniques and the gigantic installations around the country that … Continue reading

Oct 23 2011: Postwar Exercises from Design Drawing One by John Rolfe (EUP, 1975)

This set of exercises¬†selected from a 1975 schools textbook for students of technical drawing contains many vanished emblems of postwar British design, ranging from British Rail, Leyland and other nationalized industries to such (then) hyper modern consumer products as the transistor radio, electric toaster and fan heater. The Post Office Tower, pylons, the distinctive decorative … Continue reading

Oct 16 2011: Automatic Drawing of an Imaginary Landscape (Absentminded Phone Pad Doodle, c.2003)

A couple of weeks ago I scanned in an odd diary page featuring a drawing, possibly¬†by a GP, and wondered whether it revealed anything about the unconscious of the person who made it, possibly absent-mindedly, during a long phone call or meeting with a patient. The other day, I happened to find this page tucked … Continue reading