Apr 25 2012: The Modernist Christ (Geraint Evans Sings in Llandaff Cathedral, Delyse Records, 1962)

I suppose this record sleeve, containing a 1962 recording of Welsh opera singer Geraint Evans performing in the imposing setting  of Llandaff Cathedral, might be seen to connect to yesterday’s post, in which the graphics of generic Soviet LP covers of a similar era were featured. While specifically designed for this one particular release, the … Continue reading

Sep 6 2011: Outside Modernism: Robert Graves’ Centenary (Sheffield Thursday No.7, 1996)

This piece was written as an essay length review of two volumes of Robert Graves’ writings published by Carcanet to mark the author’s centenary year in 1995. These were a new Selected Poems edited by Patrick Quinn and a collection of essays, lectures and criticism edited by Paul O’Prey: taken together they offered an opportunity to survey a … Continue reading

Aug 26 2011: Woodlouse from Poetry Wales (p.33, Vol.20, No.4, 1985)

In London on Thursday, I was making my way towards Tate Modern to catch the Joan Miro exhibition (which is highly recommended, incidentally, especially if a reminder of how dark, strange, affirming, transformative and deeply political visual art can be is needed). On the way there, cutting between tube lines, I stopped in at a couple of … Continue reading

Aug 19 2011: Silver Coin by The Spasms (from Preseli Folk LP, Preseli Records 1979)

There’s a lot of talk these days about the overwhelming range of music available online, as pretty much anyone – from the 80 year old former professional musician to the 12 year old bedroom chancer – takes advantage of their new ability to record a few songs on a computer, convert them to mp3 format and … Continue reading