Apr 28 2012: Monochrome Photograph of an Unidentified Yugoslav Sculptor with Bust of Tito and Child (c.1970s)

As a kind of brief aside to yesterday’s catalogue of monuments and sculptures from the former Yugoslavia, this small monochrome photograph offers a portrait of a sculptor from the same era and country, as found in the pages of the Treasures of Yugoslavia volume itself. Presumably dating from the same era, to judge by the … Continue reading

Apr 27 2012: Twenty-One Modernist Monuments, Buildings and Memorials from a Guide to the former Yugoslavia (Yugoslaviapublic Beograd, 1980)

The volume that these photographs of futuristic monuments, public sculptures and buildings were selected from is a mammoth guide to the whole territory of the former Yugoslavia (now the separate states of Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro) packed with historic landscapes, landmarks and artefacts. Published in English around 1980, it’s presumably intended as a … Continue reading

Feb 14 2012: Illustrations by Gisela Gottschlich from Die Schonsten Grimms Marchen (Germany, 1960s)

It’s no surprise these days to find monographs on the work of nineteenth and early twentieth century illustrators like John Tenniel, Beatrix Potter, Gustave Dore and Edmund Dulac, but for later practioners the process of recognition seems slow. A case in point might be the book represented here, on which the name of the illustrator is … Continue reading

Dec 17 2011: Winter Trees and Other Landscapes by Louise Winks (Poster Paints and Pencil on Paper, 1970s)

A suitably wintry scene is one of several landscapes in a folder of artwork by a 1970s schoolgirl I found recently: tomorrow will see the many drawings of female figures and male hearthrobs of the day, but here we gather the various landscapes: true, only the winter trees above and perhaps the Biblical illustration in … Continue reading

Nov 7 2011: Contemporary Yugoslav Sculpture (Hayward Gallery, 1970)

These images are taken from the catalogue of the Hayward Gallery’s 1970 exhibition Contemporary Yugoslav Sculpture,  which ran from April 30 to May 31 that year as a co-operative effort, organised by the Arts Council and the Commission for Cultural Relations in Belgrade. None of the artists were familiar before I saw their work in … Continue reading

July 2 2011: Conflict Zones and Holiday Destinations (Around The World Series, 1965 – 1968)

The covers of the American Geographical Society’s Around the World Program booklets, published by Doubleday & Odhams in the US between 1965 and 1968, form a uniform edition of introductions to the history, natural topography and (then) current condition of every nation state on the planet, from large states like Brazil, China and Mexico to … Continue reading