Nov 30 2011: Scarecrow Festival and Open Gardens at Wymeswold, Leicestershire (June 27 2011)

When Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane compiled their Folk Archive in 2007, the two gathered evidence of all kinds of unofficial activity, most of it largely unrecognised even as legitimate folk culture. True, the surviving Morris Dances and Well Dressings were featured, alongside such uniquely strange customs as the Welsh Mari Llwyd, the Derby Tup and the Padstow May … Continue reading

Nov 29 2011: How To Wash Clothes The Modern Way (Pioneer Washing Machine Brochure, 1950s)

Produced by Pioneer Washing Machines in partnership with Rinso washing powder (because “it’s so important to use a rich, penetrating, active washing product like Rinso for your weekly wash”) there’s no date on this brochure, but the general style of the photographs and the washing machine itself (with its tub and mangle) seem to suggest it’s of … Continue reading

Nov 28 2011: British Printing and Communication Corporation: A Personal Message from Robert Maxwell (E. Hannibal Flexidisc, 1980s)

A bit of a curiosity here, as clients and businesses within the British Printing and Communications Corporation are sent a flexidisc containing a personal message from their new CEO, Robert Maxwell, on such matters as the redesigned logo and the repositioning of the business for a future that home video recorders, Ceefax and transponders are in the … Continue reading

Nov 27 2011: Milan Tourist Guide and Map (English Language Edition, 1964)

Roman pillars contrasted with the latest in sixties system-built architecture to contrast ancient and modern architectural styles in Italian fashion capital Milan, circa 1964. The handout was produced by the Milanese tourism office, presumably, and folds out to feature a graphic map of the city centre on its reverse side. The handout was among the … Continue reading

Nov 26 2011: Dinosaur Fights, Early Humans and Trilobites: Drawings from Purnell’s Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (1977)

Alongside the photographic dioramas seen in yesterday’s selection are these curious drawings, sometimes designed to show sizes of dinosaurs relative to, say, a human pyramid or a horse, but more often as a means of staging the fights that (let’s face it) any small child reading the book will want to see visualised on the page. … Continue reading

Nov 25 2011: Photographs from Purnell’s Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (1977)

This isn’t the first time dinosaurs have featured here and it probably won’t be the last, should any other interesting dinosaur-related paraphernalia cross my path. Having already admitted the early obsession (and found it widely shared) perhaps the appeal of this 1977 children’s book should be fairly transparent. Published by Purnell, the hardback is full … Continue reading

Nov 24 2011: A Gallery of Twenty-Nine Postcards from Modernist Argentina (Early 1970s)

As with previous galleries featured here, showing urban landscapes from Pakistan, the Soviet Union and Japan, these pages – from a leather-bound, embossed postcard book published in Argentina as a tourist souvenir in the later 1960s or early 1970s – emphasise the modernisation of the country, with a few views of historical locations embedded in … Continue reading

Nov 23 2011: Stars of Stage and Screen: Park Drive Cigarette Card Collection (c.1930s)

I picked up what looked like a school exercise book (the name Nora Simons written on the front) at the weekend, and found inside not the usual lined pages, but a near-complete set of Park Drive Cigarette cards showing the ‘Stars of Stage and Screen’ of what I assume must be the later 1930s: many … Continue reading

Nov 22 2011: A Selection of Random Graphics, Photographs and Other Images from M.D. Magazine (1967)

To round off the past four days’ galleries of advertising from 1967 issues of MD Magazine (the other three can be found on the following links, covering graphic, photographic and general approaches) here are a handful of ‘straggler’ images that for various reasons didn’t seem to fit elsewhere. These reasons were mainly to do with a lack of information about … Continue reading

Nov 21 2011: Twenty-Three Graphic Medical Advertising Pages from M.D. Magazine (1967)

Back in July, I posted a gallery featuring a few selected images from selected issues of M.D. Magazine, a lavish publication aimed at doctors and financed (it would seem) largely by pharmaceutical advertising: major corporate concerns like Schering, Lilly, Pfizer and others drew on all the resources of Madison Avenue selling techniques (more usually seen … Continue reading