Dec 31 2011: Forty-Four Advertising Images from Nottingham Student Rag Week Magazine (1988)

Rummaging at the Colwick Market the other week, a chap with a house clearance stall called me over as I was fishing about in some boxes of old magazines and pressed a 1988 student rag week magazine into my hand, free of charge: he’d remembered a conversation a month or two earlier when I’d mentioned … Continue reading

Dec 30 2011: A Selection of Advertising Images from The Sydney Tourist Guide (May 1971)

Planning a trip to Sydney? Well, these adverts from a May 1971 issue of the weekly Sydney Tourist Guide might be able to help, if you’re going just over forty years ago, with their attractions ranging from strip clubs and Barrie Humphreys live to Kangaroo coats, native artifacts and the ‘only floating restaurant in Australia’. … Continue reading

Dec 29 2011: Ten Photographs and One Map from Fly Qantas to Hong Kong (Qantas Airlines, c.1964)

Following yesterday’s New Zealand Airlines onboard flight information brochure, today we have a series of photographs (and a map) from a Qantas Airlines promotional booklet of the mid-1960s showing the attractions of Hong Kong as a tourist destination. As ever with material made in this period, the modernity of the bright new Post War world … Continue reading

Dec 28 2011: Romance Book Cover Illustration by Laurence Houghton (Game, Set & Match, 1982)

I’ve had this acrylic on board painting for a good few years now, and according to some handwritten notes on the reverse it was painted by L. Houghton as a book cover illustration for Elspeth Rae’s Game, Set & Match in 1982. The artist is probably Laurence Houghton, who was a regular feature on Mills … Continue reading

Dec 27 2011: Pat Leonard as Robin Hood in Pantomime (Location Unknown, probably 1950s)

I’ve no idea who Pat Leonard was (though I think we can safely assume she’s the lady in the feathered cap and tights in the picture) nor are there any clues as to when the photograph was taken, though the make up and hairstyle suggest sometime in the later 1940s or early 1950s. My assumption … Continue reading

Dec 26 2011: Three Near-Identical Cover Illustrations Featuring Stags (The Nature Reader, 1929 – 1930)

What better for Boxing Day than a series of identical stags, as featured on the cover of London and Glasgow based publisher Charles & Son’s The Nature Reader during the period between February 1929 and October 1930? The use of the illustration on slightly varied paper stocks gives a sense of something almost Warhol-like to … Continue reading

Dec 25 2011: Christmas Greetings from Television Wales and West (Cardiff and Bristol, c.1965)

Well, it’s a short but very sweet one for today: a very sincere Christmas Greetings card from a period I assume is sometime in the mid-1960s, as sent by TWW at Pontcanna Studios, Cardiff, and Television Centre, Bristol. TWW stood for Television Wales and West and it held the franchise for Independent Television in the … Continue reading

Dec 24 2011: An Envelope Containing a Small Robin Postcard, Originally Mailed in Nottingham (1950)

An envelope mailed to the village of Papplewick from an unknown area of Nottingham on December 18, 1950, containing a small, entirely blank, postcard showing a robin perched on a twig with a worm in its beak. Dating from before the conception of Alan Sillitoe’s Arthur Seaton, before the current Queen took the throne, before Alma Cogan, even (never mind … Continue reading

Dec 23 2011: Hand-Painted Chinese Postcards Featuring a Snowman, Kite, Anthill and Frog (Undated)

These cards are each painted by hand on fabric, which is then mounted on white card inside hand-drawn borders. As they’re not signed or dated, it’s impossible to guess what date they might potentially be given, so it’ll have to be enough to just present them here with no useful information. The four here are … Continue reading

Dec 22 2011: Four Post-War Neo-Gothic Architectural Designs by Rodney Hubbuck (1965)

Rodney Hubbuck, born in 1940, comes from the Hampshire-Sussex border. He studied at Portsmouth School of Art, Bath Academy of Art and Brighton College of Art before taking up his appointment in January as assistant art master at Bradford Grammar School. He has specialised in drawings and linocuts which mainly reflect his long-standing enthusiasm for … Continue reading